S3 Cases is proud to be one of over 100 Colorado businesses who support the movement to Protect the Arctic Refuge! We hope that Senator Cory Gardner will listen to Colorado outdoor business voices and protect and preserve the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge by leaving the Refuge closed to oil and gas drilling! We among many other businesses oppose any executive or congressional action that opens the Arctic Refuge to drilling. This region is home to world class recreation, rich cultural heritage, and amazing wildlife. Protecting this area will ensure that future generations have the opportunity to experience the remarkable treasures found in America’s wildest place.#protectthearcticrefuge, #COoutdoorbusiness, #COoutdoorretailer #s3cases #coveryourassets

You can learn more here! https://pitchengine.com/conservationcommunications/2017/07/24/over-100-colorado-outdoor-businesses-urge-col/002519016357322664346