S3 Cases are made to be reliable and durable so that everyone relying on your equipment can rely on you. S3 Cases have many applications to protect your equipment when you need it most.

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S3 Cases are durable and customizable for use in the most extreme circumstances. When your equipment has to work when you need it, trust an S3 Case in the field.

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S3 Cases are water-resistant, pressure-resistant and ready for any situation. When your expensive, delicate equipment needs protection, count on S3 Cases.

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Case Studies

Discover the versatility of S3 cases. Our product line of hard-sided cases have been used for a variety of fields including medial, tactical, GPS protection, and battery cases that travel across oceans. Really, the possibilities of practical application are limitless. If you’re still in need of additional guidance after reading our case studies, feel free to contact us. We’re happy to help you find the right case for your specific application.

GPS unit case

GPS Situation: Case Study #1

An OEM manufacturer needed a small plastic case to house their GPS unit in a water resistant, optically clear case for use by windsurfers and the sailing community. There were no hard sided cases that existed on the market that could meet their special requirements, and time was critical as well as cost.

Enzyme storage solution

Enzyme Storage Situation: Case Study #2

There was a need to supply our OEM customer with a hard sided case using a different material for the top (optically clear) and the bottom (opaque). It was also determined that a customized bottom needed to be made. The o ring area needed to be machined to allow the customer to install a different seal that could handle a wider range of temperature variation.

chemical-resistant case

Chemical Resistance Situation: Case Study #3

A potential OEM client needed a plastic case manufacturer and came to S3 with a need to house their fuel efficiency apparatus for large earth moving vehicles. Due to the environment the material used must be resistant from several different chemicals and ABS would not work. It needed to be a hard sided case and be able to be customized for inserting connectors.

diagnostic kit case

Diagnostic Kit Protection: Case Study #4

An OEM manufacturer of semiconductor cases was looking for a solution their other customers in the medical industry who needed protection for their diagnostic kits. At this point in time they did not want to invest in new tooling so they were hoping to find a solution already in the market.

high-performance sunglasses case

Durability & Strength Situation: Case Study #5

A customer in Germany that sells high-performance sunglasses wanted the strongest and most durable cases to provide to their customers. The cases had to be the most resilient and protective cases available as so many failed to live up to the standards of their customer’s needs. They reached out to S3 Cases for a solution to this problem.


Are you interested in learning how our hard-sided custom cases can help your business? Contact us for a free sample. No matter how extreme your environment, S3 Cases has a protective case for your needs.