Testimonials & Case Studies


Case Study #1


GPS Situation:
An OEM manufacturer needed a small plastic case to house their GPS unit in a water resistant, optically clear case for use by windsurfers and the sailing community. There were no hard sided cases that existed on the market that could meet their special requirements, and time was critical as well as cost.

The OEM manufacturer approached S3 about small plastic cases. S3 was determined that an insert could be built for an existing case to give them an optically clear lid and that S3 could provide a custom color for the bottom of the case. The customer was unable to find another case manufacturer that was willing to be as flexible as S3. Not only were the costs significantly less than a new tool, but the insert was manufactured in a matter of weeks. The customer ended up with an optically clear lid for a lower cost and an amazingly quick turnaround.

I just wanted to tell you how much I liked having the S3 T3500 case with me on my journey down the Mississippi. I was just about 40 yards or so from shore and the Lake Winnibigoshish dam when my canoe was hit by what the the National Weather Service said was 120 mile an hour straight line winds. My canoe was ripped out from under me (if not for my life preserver I would have drown) and I lost a lot of my gear including my GPS because it wasn’t in the S3 Dry Box at the time. My weather radio, MP3 player, headlamp and my camera all were saved because after the storm let up I searched the shore line and there was my S3 3500 Dry Box floating in the weeds and the drift wood. Everything in the S3 case was still dry and was not damaged in any way.
-Michael B.

“Just wanted to thank you for stellar customer service!!! The latch arrived promptly.”
-B. Heiter

“I hope you remember our conversation about your willingness to sell just one case to a non-wholesale customer. We talked at length about the cases you make, what the “S’s” stand for in your company’s name (Strength, Spirit, and hmmm, it’s escaping me right now), and how cool it is to be able to do what you want when it’s your company. I purchased a yellow (yacht yellow I learned from the packing slip) 3000 series case. IT’S GREAT! It holds my glasses (and some other associated small items), in a bomb-proof, water-proof, ‘indestructo-case.’ And it’s cool looking. Thanks for your time, your help, your service, your company, and your product. A highly satisfied customer.”
-N. Pierce

“Replacement clips arrived yesterday, many thanks for your fast assistance. Your level of service is to be commended and I will be recommending you to other climbers and kayakers over here in Scotland”
-R. Davidson

Case Study #2


Enzyme Storage Situation:
There was a need to supply our OEM customer with a hard sided case using a different material for the top (optically clear) and the bottom (opaque). It was also determined that a customized bottom needed to be made. The o ring area needed to be machined to allow the customer to install a different seal that could handle a wider range of temperature variation.

The Solution:
S3 decided with the customer to run the lid out of a medical grade polycarbonate and then run the base out of a white high impact ABS. A custom insert was built to allow for an optically clear lid. Then the components were shipped to the customer separately so the customer could alter the bottom, install their custom insert and then assemble the case. S3 not only saved the customer significant dollars but solved a problem other plastic case manufacturers would not. The solution prevented this OEM manufacturer from purchasing new tooling.

“Thank you again for all of your help. You and the company are very pleasant to work with.”
-J. Ruane, Safety Meeting Outlines, Inc.

“You guys rock!”
-M. Hubbard, Secret Safes

Case Study #3


Chemical Resistance Situation:
A potential OEM client needed a plastic case manufacturer and came to S3 with a need to house their fuel efficiency apparatus for large earth moving vehicles. Due to the environment the material used must be resistant from several different chemicals and ABS would not work. It needed to be a hard sided case and be able to be customized for inserting connectors.

The Solution:
S3 Cases, working with a material supplier, sourced a co-polymer polypropylene and used an industrial green colorant to meet the client’s requirement. The hard sided case was easily machined; the custom color and material met their stringent requirements. The client approved the results and became a customer. They were very pleased with our responsiveness and ability to keep the price the same as our standard cases.

“An S3 case houses our solar battery on an ocean buoy, definitely an extreme environment.”
-B. Lee, Automatic Power

Case Study #4


Diagnostic Kit Protection:
An OEM manufacturer of semiconductor cases was looking for a solution their other customers in the medical industry who needed protection for their diagnostic kits. At this point in time they did not want to invest in new tooling so they were hoping to find a solution already in the market.

The company approached S3 Cases primarily focusing on their small plastic cases. S3′s hard sided cases fit the bill in size and strength. What was needed was customized foam plastic inserts to house the various components of the diagnostic kits. The custom inserts were easily manufactured using a water jet cutting process.

“Our products were absolutely secure under the most extreme circumstances. S3 was committed to customizing the case to our specific needs.”
-K. Klimann, Survival Inc., Seattle, WA

“Thanks for your help, I didn’t expect such good service, it was a refreshing surprise.”
-L. Schoonover