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Big Waterproof Sound with the T6000 OEM Case

by | Jun 7, 2013

Do your good times outside get better with music?

Have you ever gone to the beach or to a picnic with your expensive portable speakers only to worry about them getting damaged? We’re not just talking about ants here. We’re concerned about salt water, sand, the afternoon thunderstorm and Biff, your out-of-control cousin when he careens through the crowd to get the volleyball.

Innovation for outdoor sound

AudioActiv stepped up to the challenge with its invention of the AudioClear acoustic vent. This vent is a combination of a grille on the exterior of the case to protect the speaker from mechanical damage and a membrane that transmits sound with high fidelity while protecting the interior from water, dust, shock or vibration.

Naturally, the first thing an audiophile would ask is: “How does the case affect the sound?” David Sanborn, CEO of AudioActiv said: “There is virtually no difference in the sound with the case. I’m pretty picky about audio and developed the case to minimize any effect on sound quality. In some of our smaller cases for smaller speakers, the case actually enhances the bass response.” One of their audiophile customers who tried the case wrote back: “I never thought it would be possible to have a waterproof case in which I would still like the sound.”

What does S3 Cases bring to the party?

The T6000 OEM case offers enough room for a phone or music player. This makes a fully waterproof solution for the whole system including your player. Just start your playlist and go. Or, you can control the speaker inside the case via Bluetooth from a phone you are carrying.

When AudioActiv set out to find a case for the Big Jambox speakers, the T6000 case was the ideal option. They worked with us at S3 Cases to modify the case. The key success factor was flexibility to meet their requirements. We pride ourselves on working with customers to provide just the OEM case solution they need. For example, we can make custom foam by water jet to accommodate new speaker models. Some companies take up to 6 months to provide a modified case. S3 Cases gives a much faster turnaround since our products are manufactured in the US and due to our dedicated focus on OEM customers.

Stay tuned for the upcoming launch of the Vault for the Bose SoundLink II speakers.

To find out more about the AudioActiv Vault for the Big Jambox Speakers, visit www.audioactiv.com

Big Jambox is a trademark of Jawbone, Inc.; SoundLink is a trademark of Bose Corporation.


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