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Case solutions: Arborist First Aid Kit

by | Mar 26, 2013

This is an example of attractive and functional case solutions by Arb Aid in the UK. The T6500 case has everything for first aid neatly presented for rapid use in an emergency. The materials are protected from the elements and kept fresh. Note how the case presents the company brand and enhances the value of the complete product. The brilliant yellow color really helps to identify this item for emergencies.

According to the company:
Arb Aid was formed with one aim – to be the best provider of first aid trauma kits for arborists worldwide.

Working in arboriculture for over 12 years has taught me that first class safety standards should be the starting point for all arborist or tree surgery tasks. Too often safety is a last thought and this is sadly only apparent when it’s too late.

There is no other product on the market that can handle the injuries and challenges that can occur when you’re suspended sixty feet above the ground with a chainsaw. The Arb Aid Trauma Kit can handle everything from the arborist’s nightmare of a silky cut or blood loss, to alleviating the constant grating of sawdust in your eye socket or safely removing the nastiest of thorns.

Each product in every Arb Aid Trauma Kit has been chosen for its functionality, its ease of use and its absolute quality. You’ll appreciate the thought that’s gone into stocking this kit and the extremely high standards demanded of anything that is put in it. All contents are housed in a specially designed indestructible case that comes with a lifetime warranty.

Visit Arb Aid for more information.

One of our favorite S3 OEM Case Solutions – First aid for arborists.


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