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Custom Case Houses Seismic Recorders

by | Dec 20, 2012

ES&S instruments are integrated in a custom case from S3.

Seismograph instrument housed in custom case by S3 measures earthquakes and vibrations.

Environmental Systems & Services (ES&S) is an advanced technology company that provides solutions in environmental fields such as meteorology, hydrology, seismology, oceanography, air quality, and geotechnical engineering.

Applications are measuring and recording vibrations, blasts, and earthquakes. The instruments are portable and battery operated.

Seismic Kelunji EchoPro recorders from ES&S using a custom case from S3 include:

Strong Motion Accelerograph – this instrument is for structural monitoring, blast and other vibration monitoring.

Seismograph – This instrument is an earthquake and vibration recorder.

A custom case from S3 was engineered as an integrated container for the product. As you can see from the images to the right, the instruments are not only protected by the case, but can be operated just by opening the lid. The fluorescent orange case beautifully supports the brand and application of the product. This custom case virtually speaks “Danger”, “Rugged”, and “Serious work done here”. S3 custom cases can be easily modified by the OEM customer, or by ourselves. The decision depends on volume and tooling required.

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