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S3 Custom case: the T2000 model works well for small audio devices

by | Apr 12, 2011

T2000 Custom Case

A small custom case is ideal for in-ear monitors.

Musicians rely on in-ear monitors to help them hear what the sound man hears. They are expensive devices and quite easy to lose. Companies such as 1964 Ears make custom, high quality in-ear monitors for the working musician. 1964 Ears is a Portland, Oregon based company that was started by a sound engineer who has been working with musicians and production companies for over a decade.  1964 Ears offers a wide range of custom colors or the customer can have their own custom artwork printed to their IEM faceplate.  After all of the hard work and money put into the custom IEMs 1964 Ears knows the importance of having a high quality case to protect their product.

custom case with the vendor’s brand molded in the lid offers a great solution. It protects the monitors from rough handling, and the monitor is less likely to be misplaced when housed in this case. The custom case also supports the vendor’s brand identity through an elegant look.

Other customers have used this case for microphones and other delicate audio devices.

Learn more about customizing the T2000 for your companies needs!

Add distinction to your high quality audio device with an S3 custom case.


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