S3 Cases are durable and customizable for use in the most extreme circumstances. When your equipment has to work when you need it, trust an S3 Case in the field.

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S3 Cases are made to be reliable and durable so that everyone relying on your equipment can rely on you. S3 Cases have many applications to protect your equipment when you need it most.

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S3 Cases are water-resistant, pressure-resistant and ready for any situation. When your expensive, delicate equipment needs protection, count on S3 Cases.

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Industry Applications

Throughout our history, we’ve been pleased to work with some great companies to protect and display and interface with their products. Our cases have served such a variety of industry applications that it gets more and more difficult to list everything we’ve done! What’s your need? Take a look at what we do below, and then contact us to start having a conversation about how we can serve you.

We invite you to take a look at our cases in action to get a sense of the myriad of possibilities available to our clients.

electronics case
Electronics Equipment Cases

From GoPro Camera Cases to Satellite Phone Boxes

Whether its fashioning a great GoPro camera case, with room for some accessories, or providing a case that will serve as a lifelong storage container for hi-fi audio equipment, S3 has the experience and capability to create great electronics cases. We’ve worked with some of the leading electronics manufacturers (Shure Inc, All Road Communications, Audio Bauer Pro AG, etc) and we excel in protection and multi-use functionality. Get in touch to find out how we can find a case that perfectly meets your needs.

medical equipment cases
Medical Equipment Cases

Small plastic cases modified for your needs

From low temperature enzyme storage to small plastic cases for medical samples, S3 has worked with a number of medical firms to create cases for their specific needs. We specialize in small plastic cases that can be modified with different material, opacity, multi-use functionality, and durability requirements. We always enjoy a good challenge, so tell us what you need and we’ll do our best to give you exactly that, for a great price.

industrial equipment cases
Industrial Equipment Cases
We’ve worked with a number of industrial clients over the years. Our customizations have included modifications for chemical resistance, extreme temperature resistance and shape and size requirements. Get in touch to find out what we can do for you!


Are you interested in learning how our hard-sided custom cases can help your business? Contact us for a free sample. No matter how extreme your environment, S3 Cases has a protective case for your needs.