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OEM Case Used in Kayaking Application

by | Apr 13, 2011

OEM case

T2500 Case

This OEM case became part of a novel automated bilge pump product.

Sea Kayak Magazine wrote an article for the Freedom 500 bilge pump for Kayaks in the February 2011 issue. Kayaks invariably take on water when they run rapids. Often the spray skirt can’t exclude water, especially if the kayaker needs to roll the boat. A fast automated bail can be a serious safety feature when kayaking in big white water. The kayaker can roll up and get in position for the next wave while the bilge pump empties out the boat. Also, a boat full of water is not very agile.

In this application, the batteries and electronics for the bilge pump were housed in the T2500 OEM case.

S3 OEM cases are made with stainless steel pins, hinges and latches so that they can excel in marine environments. Bluewater Kayak Works were able to customize the OEM case to fit their exact specifications to keep there important parts protected.

Specifications for the Freedom 500 Bilge Pump from Bluewater Kayak Works

Environmentally Friendly Rechargeable

  • SMART Charger – battery pack can be recharged ~ 500 times!
  • Pumps cockpit DRY in ~ 1 minute (Valley Nordkapp LV)!
  • RUNS for ~1 hours on Specifications:500+ gallon per hour bilge pump, 14.8 volt, 2200 mAh rechargeable Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery pack single battery charge!
  • Sealed reed switch, waterproof, dustproof operated by a sliding magnet on your deck bungee cord.
  • Low weight, approximately 3 lbs (minus bilge hose).
  • Comes with a mini-cell foam floor lining designed to enhance water removal.
  • Turn the pump on while you are in the water rigging the paddle float for re-entry and the cockpit is dry by the time you get back in the kayak or re-enter roll and go!
  • Patents Pending.
  • Coming soon – Optional solar charging panel!

The complete system can be purchased over at Bluewater Kayak Works for $399.00.


Contact us if you would like to design an S3 OEM case into a water resistant application.


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