S3 Cases are durable and customizable for use in the most extreme circumstances. When your equipment has to work when you need it, trust an S3 Case in the field.

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S3 Cases are made to be reliable and durable so that everyone relying on your equipment can rely on you. S3 Cases have many applications to protect your equipment when you need it most.

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S3 Cases are water-proof, pressure-proof and ready for any situation. When your expensive, delicate equipment needs protection, count on S3 Cases.

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OEM Case Selection

by | Sep 19, 2012

Here are some basic guidelines for selecting an OEM case.

In order to protect contents from impact, moisture and dust you will need a rigid case and should avoid a blow molded case or cases with living hinges and latches. If the case is going to be exposed to chemicals or solvents you should consider cases made from a filled polypropylene but you will be giving up some rigidity qualities. Our OEM cases are generally made from High Impact ABS which provides excellent protection. If you need only minimal protection, however, such as keeping an item from scratching then a blow molded case or one with a living hinge may work.


The least expensive protective cases are either blow molded or injection molded as one piece (living hinge). These cases cost the least but they also provide the least protection and can be flimsy. Ideally finding an existing case and customizing the interior foam insert is the most cost effective approach. Costs to consider in building your own mold are part design, tooling, molding, components and assembly. You will need to purchase several molds – lid/base, latch and handle as well as assembly fixtures which in totality can be quite expensive. One way to think about whether or not to incur tooling cost is if your protective case sales will let you recoup your investment within a year.


The primary materials used on the extremely tough and durable OEM cases are either High Impact ABS or a filled Polypropylene. The ABS will be more rigid and give a better seal with no flex. The filled Polypropylene has better impact properties, but will flex. We do offer several of our cases in Medical Grade Polycarbonate which is an extremely tough and durable material, similar to what is used in motorcycle helmets and windshields. This material enables to mold a case that is optically clear or see through lid.

Custom Case

Purchasing a standard case and customizing the inside is an economical solution for most OEM case applications. Just about all of the larger cases on the market come with a pick and pluck case foam that can be shaped for a particular item. Basically, you tear out the case foam cubes you do not want. When volumes dictate (maybe 50 or more) you may want to consider a custom case foam insert. There is a wide range of case foam from flexible polyurethane to a tough #2 polyethylene, so depending on your needs, you can get a very soft or very rigid foam. You will want to work with an OEM case manufacturer that has strong ties with a case foam fabricator and is able to provide you with top quality inserts. We can provide very precise cutting as well as contour cuts in custom case foam.

Your design partner

We have done so many successful custom case applications that we are your trusted adviser in specifying the perfect protective cases for your needs. We can efficiently help you sort through the trade-offs for the best result.Call us today to start the conversation.


Are you interested in learning how our hard-sided custom cases can help your business? Contact us for a free sample. No matter how extreme your environment, S3 Cases has a protective case for your needs.