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OEM case survives Land Rover torture test

by | Feb 11, 2013

How tough is the T4500 OEM case?

“ Hey Jane, where did I leave my glasses?”

“ I don’t know, Joe, you are always leaving them lying around”

“ What’s that under my truck?”

“ Looks like a yellow box, maybe roll the truck back. Oh, look, it’s your glasses case”

“It’s a bit scuffed, but the glasses are ok! I can see again.”

Have you ever found yourself in this situation? Well, the lads at MailShop, an online retailer in Germany have been torturing the S3 T4500 OEM Case with a Land Rover. This is one tough case! You will note that the glasses case can also be used for other gear such as radios, GPS systems, phones or any valuables that must be protected from water, dirt, or a truck standing on it.

Our OEM case program makes it yours.
We can mold them in great colors, brand them for you and customize the foam for your application. We are expert in choosing the right materials and making other unique changes if you would like to design an instrument into an OEM case.

Warning: Don’t try this at home. Lifting a Land Rover onto a case is extremely hazardous. You could hurt your back or at least pinch your fingers.

Send us stories of real world tests you have done with S3 cases.


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