S3 Cases are durable and customizable for use in the most extreme circumstances. When your equipment has to work when you need it, trust an S3 Case in the field.

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S3 Cases are made to be reliable and durable so that everyone relying on your equipment can rely on you. S3 Cases have many applications to protect your equipment when you need it most.

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S3 Cases are water-proof, pressure-proof and ready for any situation. When your expensive, delicate equipment needs protection, count on S3 Cases.

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S3 Cases Distributor Boulder Case Company

We are very excited about our relationship with our distributor Boulder Case Company. With their private labeling they have opened the door to many new markets that we have not yet had the opportunity to get into and have done a great job promoting the cases.  You can also buy the cases directly from their website www.bouldercasecompany.com. We look forward to our relationship with them and the new markets that will be discovered for S3 Cases!

Some reviews of our cases from Boulder Case Company Distributors:

It’s rare that I come across a product that is very high quality and reasonably priced as well. This is the case with Boulder Case Company (sorry for the pun). I was looking for a way to protect my cell phone from the rough elements of off-road motorcycling, hunting and hiking when I found a plastic case that is water tight, impact resistant and floats. We use sensitive electronic equipment in our automotive repair process that needs protection as well and look forward to more Boulder Case Company products.

Todd Colchin

Owner of Colchin Automotive, Inc., Colchin Automotive, Inc.

Goalmaster 28 came up with a genius way to protect their camera and broadcasting equipment. Here is the problem and solution Kyle commented on….

“Basically we needed a way to house our broadcasting setup + camera keeping it water proof and damage proof for filming sports like volleyball, baseball, and softball…. Now, the cases allow us to broadcast live video anywhere without worrying about the weather or damage!

Goalmaster 28 Custom Broadcasting Case

The Army Surplus is an iconic store located in Englewood, Colorado. They have it all, including our rugged line of cases. If you’re camping, hunting, fishing or just want to be prepared for anything, go to the Army Surplus, pick up your gear and grab a waterproof Boulder case on the way out!

Army Surplus For Less

Stevinson Toyota in Lakewood, Colorado has been carrying our line of cases now for over a year. They have a large modern parts and accessory department located just through the main doors. They get a wide variety of customers that have found many different uses for our tough-as-nails cases.

Stevinson Toyota West



Are you interested in learning how our hard-sided custom cases can help your business? Contact us for a free sample. No matter how extreme your environment, S3 Cases has a protective case for your needs.