“I just wanted to tell you how much I liked having the S3 T3500 case with me on my journey down the Mississippi. I was just about 40 yards or so from shore and the Lake Winnibigoshish dam when my canoe was hit by what the the National Weather Service said was 120 mile an hour straight line winds. My canoe was ripped out from under me (if not for my life preserver I would have drown) and I lost a lot of my gear including my GPS because it wasn’t in the S3 Dry Box at the time. My weather radio, MP3 player, headlamp and my camera all were saved because after the storm let up I searched the shore line and there was my S3 3500 Dry Box floating in the weeds and the driftwood. Everything in the S3 case was still dry and was not damaged in any way.” – Michael B